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La Revue du Vin de France - The forbidden grape varieties are resisting

This month of April 2021, in La Revue du vin de France N°649, a superb article on prohibited and resistant grape varieties. 7 pages to learn all about prohibited wines and some anecdotes from the director about the film.

It also makes reference to Hervé Garnier from Mémoire De la Vigne, Gilbert Bischeri from Cépages Oubliés, Christian Vigne from IGP Vins des Cévennes, Fruits Oubliés, Vincent Pugibet from Domaine la Colombette Pugibet, Azores Wine Company, Lilian Bauchet, the American ampelographer Lucie Morton, Pierre Galet and many other enthusiasts and actors in the industry.

The magazine is available in stores or online: https://cutt.ly/mxOhCKL

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